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[Meta] Alucard and Alchemy

I actually doubt Hirano meant to attach much symbolism to Hellsing but his decision to associate Alucard with the Bird of Hermes is one of my favorite aspects of the character and provides food for thought especially when alchemical symbolism is such a complex subject. Considering that alchemy and vampirism are not frequently associated with […]

[Meta] The Hollow-izing of Ichigo

In light of the recent events in Bleach (up to ch. 352), this has been an interesting journey for Ichigo and his current form will probably have its consequences on his character and story. In a strange way, his monstrous appearance right now could be said to have resulted from his intense desire to protect […]

[Review] Vagabond: Yoshioka arc

Manga: Vagabond バガボンド Mangaka: Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦 Volumes: 21-27 Chapters: 180-242 This arc brings us back to Musashi and his appointed duel with Denshichirou. In a nutshell, the duel to finish the battle between the two fighters started several arcs ago ends in the annihilation of the entire Yoshioka school. One of the best things […]

[Review] Vagabond: Sasaki Kojirou arc

Manga: Vagabond バガボンド Mangaka: Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦 Volumes: 14-20 Chapters: 128-179 The timeline of Vagabond moves back 17 years to focus on Musashi’s greatest opponent, Sasaki Kojirou. The arc opens with Kanemaki Jisai who finds a new reason to continue with what he believes to be a worthless life when he learns that his former […]

[Review] Vagabond: Shishido Baiken arc

Manga: Vagabond バガボンド Mangaka: Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦 Volumes: 11-13 Chapters: 105-127 Despite the certificate, Uncle Gon is highly skeptical of his nephew’s claim to be Sasaki Kojirou as he observes that Matahachi’s attitude hasn’t changed at all, making his sudden status as one of the ‘rising dragons’ highly suspicious. Unable to explain himself, Matahachi flees […]

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