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[Meta] The Hollow-izing of Ichigo

In light of the recent events in Bleach (up to ch. 352), this has been an interesting journey for Ichigo and his current form will probably have its consequences on his character and story. In a strange way, his monstrous appearance right now could be said to have resulted from his intense desire to protect […]

Bleach ch. 344

With the previous chapters building upon a possible transition into hollow-like characteristics for Ichigo, I couldn’t help but notice the current appearance of his mask. There have been subtle changes to its pattern over the course of the manga, a gradual thickening and/or addition of the red streaks to cover a larger area. Perhaps this […]

Bleach ch. 341

。。。それが読み取れるようになったのは 俺が虚に近付いたのか。。。それとも、 てめえが人間に近付いたのかも知れねえな This is the very reason why I’m so interested in Ichigo vs Ulquiorra. Being in Hueco Mundo, where the Hollows thrive, Ichigo should be experiencing some growth in his strength considering that his current source of power comes from his Hollow side. If Chad realized his offensive strength in this place thanks […]


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