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[Review] Gantz: 1st Phase

Manga: Gantz ガンツ Mangaka: Oku Hiroya 奥浩哉 Volumes: 20 Chapters: 237 Overview: Gantz follows the deaths of two high school students, Masaru Katou and Kurono Kei, who are hit by a train after they rescue a homeless man from the tracks, into a special room with a black sphere. Thereafter, together with other people who […]

Gantz ch. 227 – 237

The volume to conclude the 1st Phase of Gantz left a lot of questions unanswered, especially concerning the vampires. Why are they after Gantz? This volume had a few lighter moments thanks to Kurono’s amnesia, which resulted in episodes of extreme confusion and a struggle to come to grips with the fact that he was […]

Gantz ch. 215 – 226

With a good number of the Gantz fighters achieving 100 points, the overall death toll for this mission ended up at a minimum and we have three revivals. Very happy to see Katou return, if only because he can be reunited with his younger brother. I was dreading some disastrous find when Katou returned to […]

Gantz ch. 203 – 214

I’m still wondering where Hoi Hoi is. A panda in the latest Gantz team is truly one of those epic WTFs, not to mention its attachment to Izumi, of all people. The Oni aliens are quite the different target compared with its predecessors. For one, they can assume human form and thus blend well into […]


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