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Bleach ep. 267

Is there a reason why we must have more filler crap combined with canon material after having gone through a year of filler bullshit? Maybe I’m among the few who was not amused by the Zanpakutou filler arc and now that we’re back to the actual storyline, I expected a more faithful approach and 267 […]

Bleach ep. 206

The Pendulum arc has finally started, after that few episodes of pointless filler. Depicting the events in Soul Society 100 years ago, it is here that we will come to know of the vizards’ pasts starting with Urahara’s promotion to the captain of the 12th squad on Yoruichi’s recommendation. This occurs at a time that […]

Bleach ep. 203

More insight on Nnoitra before his death. Ichigo’s task is seemingly done, Kenpachi tells him to take Inoue back and leave the rest of the battle to the captains. But soon after, Stark arrives to ‘escort’ Inoue to Aizen, who then informs the captains and ryoka in Hueco Mundo of his plan to destroy Karakura […]

Bleach ep. 202

I’ve been disappointed in the animation standard of Bleach lately, they seem to be relying heavily on still frames instead of fluidly animating the fights. And this episode isn’t any different. The revelation of Kenpachi’s kendo skills didn’t really have any kind of impact, but then again, it was the same in the manga. That […]


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