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Bleach ep. 203

More insight on Nnoitra before his death. Ichigo’s task is seemingly done, Kenpachi tells him to take Inoue back and leave the rest of the battle to the captains. But soon after, Stark arrives to ‘escort’ Inoue to Aizen, who then informs the captains and ryoka in Hueco Mundo of his plan to destroy Karakura […]

[Review] Pale Cocoon

Set in a post-apocalytic future, Pale Cocoon is a short OVA which focuses on Ura and his female companion, Rika, who both work at the Bureau of Records Excavation. Their task involves decoding archives of the Earth’s history in an effort to know more about the planet before its destruction. While Ura remains keen on […]

Hellsing Ultimate OVA V

With Alucard stuck in dreamland with the spirit of his Jackal, the Major launches a full assault on London, instructing Zorin to take down the main headquarters of Hellsing. Integra is seen with Penwood, lending him mental support and spurs the latter to stand his ground as his officers do their best to consolidate their […]

[Review] Gantz: 1st Phase

Manga: Gantz ガンツ Mangaka: Oku Hiroya 奥浩哉 Volumes: 20 Chapters: 237 Overview: Gantz follows the deaths of two high school students, Masaru Katou and Kurono Kei, who are hit by a train after they rescue a homeless man from the tracks, into a special room with a black sphere. Thereafter, together with other people who […]

Gantz ch. 227 – 237

The volume to conclude the 1st Phase of Gantz left a lot of questions unanswered, especially concerning the vampires. Why are they after Gantz? This volume had a few lighter moments thanks to Kurono’s amnesia, which resulted in episodes of extreme confusion and a struggle to come to grips with the fact that he was […]

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