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[Review] Blade of the Immortal

Based on a well-acclaimed seinen manga, Blade of the Immortal follows Manji and Rin in the latter’s quest to eliminate Anotsu Kagehisa, leader of the Ittou-ryuu, to avenge her parents deaths. Manji is the samurai she has hired to protect her as well as aid in her revenge. Despite his appearances, Manji doesn’t die easily […]

[Review] Vagabond: Yoshioka arc

Manga: Vagabond バガボンド Mangaka: Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦 Volumes: 21-27 Chapters: 180-242 This arc brings us back to Musashi and his appointed duel with Denshichirou. In a nutshell, the duel to finish the battle between the two fighters started several arcs ago ends in the annihilation of the entire Yoshioka school. One of the best things […]


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