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[Review] Slam Dunk Movie 1

Although produced as a movie, Slam Dunk (1994) feels more like an TV episode set after the practice match with Ryonan. This time the Shohoku company heads to Takezono High for another practice game with the local basketball team. There Sakuragi encounters Youko, the girl who rejected him in the first episode of the anime, […]

Hajime no Ippo 3

Takamura continues to encourage Ippo and give the boy pointers on how to survive the practice match. From the first round where Ippo is instructed to maintain a defensive stance throughout, we see the very first and arguably the most important of Ippo’s strengths, that is his tenacity. Being able to take Miyata’s punches and […]

Hajime no Ippo 2

Ippo strives relentlessly to achieve Takamura’s requirement of grasping 10 leaves before the week is done. As the deadline approaches, Ippo only manages to catch 5 leaves at the most and nearly gives up. Fortunately, he realizes a difference between his stance and Takamura’s, and works to rectify his technique. Ippo passes the test of […]

Hajime no Ippo 1

Hajime no Ippo is one of those hidden gems that you’d expect to be more popular considering how addicting this series is. Now on my first re-watch of this anime, I intend to dedicate one post to each episode and recapture all the fun and action in this series. Although this anime stays true to […]


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