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Hajime no Ippo 2

Posted on | April 27, 2011 | No Comments

Ippo strives relentlessly to achieve Takamura’s requirement of grasping 10 leaves before the week is done. As the deadline approaches, Ippo only manages to catch 5 leaves at the most and nearly gives up. Fortunately, he realizes a difference between his stance and Takamura’s, and works to rectify his technique. Ippo passes the test of 10 leaves much to Takamura’s surprise and the latter gives Ippo one month to tone his body before he takes him to the gym.

We see now that Takamura is affiliated with the Kamogawa gym, run by Kamogawa himself and the manager Yagi. Ippo’s polite demeanor pretty much throws everyone off, especially Kamogawa, who can’t detect any sort of fighting spirit in the boy. I find Ippo’s extremely courteous mannerisms rather funny actually; there are very few shounen leads I can think of that speak in the polite “-masu” form so often, even when angry or upset.

Kamogawa isn’t convinced of Ippo’s potential and takes up Takamura’s offer to test the boy in the ring. Ippo has to prove his worth in a sparring match against Miyata Ichiro, an out-boxer technician with skills comparable to a professional boxer despite being the same age as Ippo. Takamura serves as Ippo’s second in the practice match but Ippo looks to be completely overwhelmed by Miyata’s skill and experience.


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