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[Review] Slam Dunk Movie 1

Posted on | April 30, 2011 | No Comments

Although produced as a movie, Slam Dunk (1994) feels more like an TV episode set after the practice match with Ryonan. This time the Shohoku company heads to Takezono High for another practice game with the local basketball team. There Sakuragi encounters Youko, the girl who rejected him in the first episode of the anime, and Oda, who is Youko’s romantic interest. The two basketball players have a hostile start to their acquaintance mainly because Oda feels that Sakuragi isn’t suited to the sport, both in terms of skill and spirit.

Besides having better animation than the anime series, the tone of the movie seems to be slightly more serious as well with minimal usage of chibi proportions for the comedic scenes, something which I appreciate. In turn, Sakuragi is less annoying than how he is in the first 20 episodes of the anime, showing a more matured approach to the game rather than obsessing about the need to show his “genius” skills or beat Rukawa. He also displays better enthusiasm for the game than Oda, overturning the latter’s words about being a disgrace to basketball.

Slam Dunk (1994) is a decent filler episode but would’ve been better if more focus was given to the main or supporting characters of the anime.

Final rating: 6.8/10


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